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Throughout the years many chess players with great potential have scratched their heads in confusion wondering how they can play chess for so long and still not attain the level of play that they desire. On the other hand, other players seem to just effortlessly understand every aspect of good play. Take for example how some children can learn the rules of chess and within a small number of years reach great heights with seemingly great ease, while beating their much experienced opponents as if they just learned how to move the pieces. This frustration among chess players especially below the master level is more common than you might think, and this is the reason this site was created.

This site aims to help the struggling chess player to stop losing at chess. We understand the frustration that comes with numerous losses while not understanding where you might have gone wrong. Here you’ll find proven methods to steer you down the path of realistic results in your game.

If you are ready to take your chess game to the next level and stop losing against chess players that you know you should be defeating, and stop losing at chess then check out the homepage.

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